SL10B by Us : Le temps du repos

Second Life a fêté ses 10 ans d’existence ce mois de juin.

Pour l’occasion, PotPourri markets a organisé, avec plusieurs lieux, une fête intersim.

21 lieux, plus de 30 évents, plus de 40 cadeaux.

Aujourd’hui est le jour de clôture de cette grosse fête.

Je tenais, avec PotPourri Markets, remercier l’ensemble de lieux et personnes qui ont pris part à cette fête.

Pour la clôture, nous vous invitons à un show créé par Rubis Topaz (à 22h) : Fantaisies africaines

Taxi :

N’oubliez pas de garder le blog de PotPourri Markets en favoris. Le prochain event : Pumpkin Town!

Voici les lieux qui ont participé à SL10B by Us :

SL10B by Us, main sim
This is the place where you will find all informations, freebies, nice shops, some exhibitions, lots of events,…
This place is owned by PotPourri Markets, a group which organizes some events, and create some town / markets with theme : Pumpkin Town for Halloween, Snowville for Winter,…
Blog :

The Lavender Field for Feed a Smile
The Lavender Field for Feed a Smile is a charity venue for Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l (RL organization). We raise funds to feed very needy children in Kenya

Artemis Gallery
Since 2010 Galerie Artemis organizes exhibitions of virtual art and stages cultural events around SL and RL art. Beyond its innovative exhibition space the gallery promots virtual art through a blog, videos on youtube and photos and reviews on facebook.

The Roof
THE ROOF is Studio Markus’ Rooftop Music Venue overlooking the Eyefliez Sim. 2 Stories of beautiful artwork with a venue on the ROOF! Some of SL’s finest musicians are spotlighted from 8 – 11pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. (and occasional daytimes) We recently celebrated our 3rd Anniversary and are proud to be part of SL’s 10th!

Shin-Shibuya is a virtual replica of Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan. It’s a place to relax and inhale the flavours and aromas of the Asian culture. Dance and listen to music, watch live concerts, dine at Asian restaurants and cafes or just enjoy the sensation of roleplay around you. We have something for every tourist and resident.
homesim of the idols band KWD Kawaiidolls

Gardens Of Absentia
Home to the Pool of Hope charity and Tribute Gardens for Cancer Awareness remembering loved ones and survivors.
In addition for a quick walk or hours of discovery, the Gardens of Absentia offers something for everyone. Visit each of the 8 themed in the pavilion, relax in a cave, catch a wave, or simply find your spot and listen to the exclusive music of the garden.

Mysterious Wave
Mysterious Wave displays surreal artworks and shop by Mysterious Wave team Cherry Manga and Anley Piers. Childhood is the new exhibition.

Fellini Couture
Fellini Couture is one of the most classy, smart and successful fashion brand in Second Life. Fellini Couture is not only a mainstore, but also a quiet, magical and sweet place. A place where you can come for dream, alone or with your love.

Dark Tears
Explore [[..DaRk TeArS..]], a unique art exhibit by JadeYu Fhang. A special artistic world. Strange, beautiful… a travel in a real artistic mind.


The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain is a unique rock and goth nightclub. If dark atmosphere is what you crave, the the Final Curtain is what you’re after. Located in an abandoned opera house still haunted by dark phantoms, the Final Curtain features the best in dark music from goth, rock, metal, industrial, EBM, punk and classic rock genres, as well as live acts and musicians.

BELBA Station
Belba Art Gallery is the meeting of art, music, joy and madness. The place of freedom of speach by art and music. It’s also a place where you can find one of the most artistic build in Second Life.

[sYs] Design / Theater
[sYs] Design is a futurist fashion mainstore. Dynamic, successful … The mainstore is like an exhibition of the future. [sYs] Design offers also the [sYs] Theater. One of the great venue for live performance. [sYs] is not only a fashion store, a venue but also a music group!

Pacific’s Club
The french place for the rock! This place is owned by a group of french friends. Sometimes this place hosts exhibition or charity events.

My Wish Music Park
If you could have a second chance, what would you do? What about a second life? I want to change the world. I know I can’t but I can help maybe in a small way. My wish is to make people smile, if even for a minute that will last a lifetime. I have a reason for being in SL, and that is to help make a difference.
« My Wish » is to bring together my love for SL music, and everybody who wants to make « My Wish » come true.
At My Wish Music Park, you can also find some SL Singers album!

Home Base to Cyberstar Management . A place my artists and other Musicians can jam live music.

Sky Sculptures Gallery
Homestead dedicated to arts and a nice place to hang around

Ce Soir
Art abounds as inspiration and flights of fancy spark thought and evoke emotion.
Poetry flows from the pen, music stirs within the heart, and magic fills the air.
Come, travel through time and space to rest in this enchanted world; let your spirit fly…
Come…be inspired…tonight!

La Rose Rouge
Located in Isle of Desire, the Rose rouge is a reminder of a guinguette ( small inn ) as many existed on the shores of the rivers of Ile de France ( region surrounding Paris) in the 1900 th. The Rose rouge has been created looking for the mood of the paintings of french impressionists. Our first aim was to build a little hang out where friends can meet, talk and relax. Our second aim is time from time to let our guests to listen to traditional songs of good quality.

It all starts with a Smile
A nice hangout with beautiful picture perfect scenes. Come here to explore, spend time with friends and take lots of pictures! Be sure to share your captured adventures here:

Africa Live
We are the place of the world meeting! « Africa For Those Who miss home » so trivial, we are a meeting place for people to discover Africa with another regard than sometimes media give us. Africa you could want in a dream world like SL, on a cultural or historic significance. Our other slogan? The culture of tradition, culture of relax soul!

Paris 1900
A special view of Paris. All the build is created with the spirit of Paris 1900. Visit this place!

Sentu Novio
FRANCE3D is a French-language community for Second Life Residents. France3D, le point de depart ideal de votre seconde vie: shopping, jeux, discos, ski & snowboard, business, art & creation, bons plans, evenements culturels.


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