Music Shop @ Falb House

Music Shop @ Falb House is a place where people can find album or EP of SL Artists, and some informations about them.

Music Shop @ Falb House est un espace où vous pourrez retrouver les album ou EP d’artistes SL, ainsi que des informations sur ces derniers.


Album available / Album disponible:

Shannon Oherlihy aka Shannon McMahon« The some of my Years »

Starrfish Ohmai, « Dulce Suenos » 

Ceci Dover, « Passional« 

Nadine Morani, « Butterflies »

Your are an SL singer? SL band?

Many of the SL singers offer their album or EP. Mostly during their concert via their fan group.

We offer a place where you can drop an object to allow your fan or your furtur fan to buy or get your album or EP.

It’s free. We don’t ask any fee. But of course, all donnations are welcome 🙂

Where is this place?

In a house called The Falb House. A house where you can visit art exhibitions, a house where some gigs are organised, a house where people can chill and relax with their friends.

What can you do there?

– Put a objet, maximum 3 prims, which allows people to buy or get your album.
– You can also advertise your RL concerts. For this, you have to send us a poster. We will set it up in this place.
– Send us a notecard with the name of your new album, your name or band name, a texture of your album and price.
– You need to have or tag group to set the object
– To respect the place and other objects artists.

What will we do?

– Each month, we have a new exhibition. We have a live or a DJset for each opening. So we will get traffic.
– We will use some communication tools for all new albums or EP (Official SL Forum, Some SL forum, our two blogs, facebook, twitter, and some groups)

– We will regulary choose a album and give a particular place to be more visible.

– Regularly, we use our communication tools to remind people about us.

For more info or to be invited in the group, please contact chloe Seljan or natelisa Aries


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